Films: Best of the Fest Shorts

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  • Featuring Pariah — Audience Award Winner for Best Short
    Sat Sep 22 2007 11:00 AM
    Roxie Theater


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Best of the Fest Shorts

Best of the Fest Shorts

93 Minute Running Time

This Best of the Fest shorts program highlights five fantastic shorts representing the best from the year's LGBT cinema. Be inspired and delighted with these bold, beautiful and award-winning short films.

In Casting Pearls, Calpernia Adams stars as a transsexual actress who endures a series of Hollywood auditions, each humorously spotlighting a different prejudice or misconception that transwomen encounter.

In Members Only, Amy is the new kid in town and can’t seem to get a date or even a woman to look in her direction — until she meets power lesbian Joan Fox.

What’s a girl to do when a rare hair-loss condition leaves her with an obsession for zany wigs and make-up? Become a drag queen, of course! A young woman finds her niche when she lands a job at a kooky drag bar and assumes the new identity of Prada Handbag. Muriel’s Wedding meets Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in this glitzy, glam cinematic extravaganza, which ravishes the eye and warms the heart.

Set in the Pantanal area of Western Brazil and paying tribute to Brokeback Mountain, Cowboy Forever tells the story of the traditional, conservative life of Latino cowboys. Emotions are stirred and fantasies assumed as two young, handsome cowboys experience a true love story in the open air.

Alike is a black lesbian teen struggling with self-doubt and guilt as she suppresses her identity to avoid rejection from her family in the Frameline31 Audience Award Winner for Best Short Film Pariah.