Guide to the Festival

Patron Courtesies

  • All seats are general admission, and multiple seat-saving is not permitted.
  • While waiting in line, please be considerate of our neighbors and local businesses. We remind patrons that it's now illegal to smoke while waiting in line or near entrances to venues.
  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes and other scented products so that attendees with environmental sensitivities can comfortably enjoy the films. Thank you.

  • Accessibility

    Frameline is committed to accommodating audience members with disabilities, offering early seating as needed. Please make yourself known to the theater house manager for assistance. All screening venues are wheelchair accessible. Assisted listening devices are available at the Rialto Cinemas™ Elmwood. All screening venues have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms. At the Roxie, please ask the house manager for the key to an accessible bathroom.

    American Sign Language Interpretation

    ASL interpretation will be provided at the Festival Awards presentation at the Closing Night Party (June 29), and many introductions and post-screening Q&A sessions of subtitled films throughout the Festival. Please see below for details on ASL-assisted screenings.

    ASL Assisted Screenings

    ASL interpreters have been confirmed for programs marked with the ASL logo. They will interpret both program introductions and post-screening Q&A sessions (if filmmakers are in attendance).





    June 1910:00 pmCastro Holiday
    June 204:00 pmCastroStand
    June 209:30 pmVictoriaSalvation Army
    June 214:15 pmCastro The Circle
    June 219:30 pmCastro I Am Happiness on Earth
    June 211:30 pmRoxie Bad Hair
    June 217:00 pmVictoria Yves Saint Laurent
    June 219:30 pmVictoria Floating Skyscrapers
    June 2311:00 amCastro Off Road
    June 231:00 pmCastro Holiday
    June 236:30 pmCastro The Way He Looks
    June 239:15 amCastro Violette
    June 239:00 pmRoxie You and the Night
    June 239:15 pmVictoria Winter Journey
    June 239:30 pmElmwood The Circle
    June 2411:00 amCastro Violette Leduc: In Pursuit of Love
    June 241:15 pmCastro Something Must Break
    June 247:00 pmRoxie Everybody's Got Somebody...But Me
    June 249:30 pmRoxieQuick Change
    June 259:15 pmCastro Open Up To Me
    June 259:30 pmVictoriaMondo Homo
    June 259:30 pmElmwood My Straight Son
    June 266:45 pmCastro Anita's Last Cha Cha
    June 269:30 pmRoxie Floating Skyscrapers
    June 279:30 pmCastro Futuro Beach
    June 277:00 pmRoxie Salvation Army
    June 279:15 pmRoxie Of Girls and Horses
    June 283:45 pmCastro Worldly Women
    June 286:30 pmCastro Boys
    June 288:30 pmCastro Cupcakes
    June 2811:00 amRoxie Pussy vs. Putin
    June 284:00 pmVictoria My Straight Son
    June 289:15 pmVictoriaThe Third One
    June 297:00 pmCastroI Feel Like Disco