Ballroom Rules

Expected guest: director Nickolas Bird

The tango. The rumba. The waltz. These gay Aussies love to boogie. But can they make it to the Gay Games in Cologne and face off against the world’s best queer ballroom dancers? Follow the students of Dance Cats, Melbourne’s only gay and lesbian ballroom studio, as they sweat their way through the heartaches and joys of training for the event of a lifetime.

Ballroom Rules is an exhilarating and very personal peek into the lives of some very dedicated Aussies giving it their all. You’ll get to know Grant, the midwife, as he cha-chas next to the syringes and wonders if his partner, Adrian, will remember how to follow. You’ll celebrate alongside Bridget and Caro as they commemorate their 15-year anniversary and Bridget’s win in her battle with breast cancer. Will Tania’s knees hold out? Will their longtime teacher, Anny, be able to lead them to victory?

Even as they face the prejudices of a sport entrenched in tradition and inflexibility, these five couples pull out their best tails and foxtrots and come to show both hemispheres the beauty and power of being able to both lead AND follow.



The Last Waltz dir Nickolas Bird 2011 Australia 21 min
A young man loses his one and only love to a bush-fire disaster. Twelve months later, he returns to ballroom dancing, and he sees his dead partner on the edge of the dance floor for one final waltz.

Co-presented by:
North American Same-Sex Partner Dance Association

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