Sexing the Transman

In this intimate inquiry into transmen's sexualities, porn star Buck Angel (famously billed as “the man with a vagina”) asks transmen and those who love them about how their bodies, sexualities, and identities are affected by the medical and social process of transition. Exploring the fluidity and nuances of what trans guys do sexually, Angel elicits vulnerable honesty from his subjects about sex with people of various genders, masturbation, fantasies, porn proclivities and kink. In addition to a focus on embodiment and the changes that come with testosterone and/or surgery, Angel also highlights how transition can open up a greater sense of freedom and willingness to explore new types of pleasure and desire. The film includes interviews with Margaret Cho who discusses her identity as a queer bottom attracted to masculinity, and comedian Ian Harvie who reflects on body dysphoria, discomfort with language to describe body parts, and how his relationship with his body and sexuality changed post-transition. Graphic excerpts from Angel’s films are spliced with interview footage and scenes of his subjects playing and proudly exhibiting their wares.


This program contains sexually explicit material.


What Makes Us Queer? Dir Tina Horn, Courtney Trouble 2011 USA 7 min
This explicit mini-doc presents a juxtaposition of visual imagery of queers having sex and audio clips from an interview that simply asks, ‘What Makes Us Queer?’ Featuring cameos from dozens of queer porn performers including Jiz Lee, Dylan Ryan, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Maxine Holloway, Mr. Grey, Madison Young, James Darling and Wolf Hudson.

Co-presented by:
TM4M - Transmen 4 Men
Bois-Boys Bay Area

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