Girl or Boy, My Sex Is Not My Gender

For the four subjects of this documentary, it’s clear that no man is an island. Families, friends and the world around act differently to men and women. For these men, here’s the million-dollar question: how does being raised as a girl affect the man you become?
Men from Europe and America take stock of how their lives have changed since transition, and all four are still working out some of the kinks. In San Francisco, Lynnee Breedlove bickers with his mother about why his dad didn’t exactly make the best male role model. In Paris, Kaleb adapts to blending in with the world after years as a striking blonde woman who got noticed. In Barcelona, Miguel keeps photos of his youth around to remind himself—and others—that his transition was simply an evolution, not a sudden change. And in New York, Rocco Kayiatos went from being one of twin girls to his mother’s precious son.

This insightful film moves beyond the transition genre to explore how four individuals choose to remake themselves when suddenly given new power and privilege. If the world is a boys’ club, these four aren’t sure where, or whether, they want to belong.


In French and English with English subtitles.


Threadbare dir Lucas Crawford 2011 Canada 3 min
A box of sweaters becomes an archive of transgender emotions—a collection of outmoded feelings, fond and not-so-fond memories and the chance to become something new by trying on something old.

Putting the “I” in Trans dir Steen Starr 2012 Canada 6 min
Following some in-depth coverage by a major Canadian newspaper, LGBT community members are asked for comments on a long-overlooked aspect of identity.

Co-presented by:
Trans: Thrive API Wellness Center
Transgender Law Center

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