Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads

The outrageously outrageous Varla Jean Merman is at it again in this epically campy mockumentary screen adaptation of her hit musical Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads. The story unfolds from the perspective of a community college film crew documenting Varla’s attempt at stardom by developing her own children’s television show. Tired of performing in dive bars, Varla sets out to recruit the best of the best to help her reach her dreams.

Hilarity ensues when our desperate diva sets out to wrangle her creative team, bringing to New Orleans theatre director and former child star Donna Drake (Broadway’s A Chorus Line) and composer/accompanist to the stars Seth Rudetsky (Sirius XM Broadway Host) under false pretenses. Convincing Varla that she can’t be a star without co-stars, the gang holds auditions to survey the local talent. Enter the Mushroomhead sidekicks: a bitter local theater actor waiting for his big break and a former child pageant coach banned from the circuit.

Varla is all giggles as things seem to be moving forward, but when Seth bails ship a new accompanist must be found. Fortunately Varla’s familiarity with New Orleans’ bath houses and dive bars lead them to a former porn star turned born again Christian piano man (and he’s got a HUGE talent). Squatting in an empty house for rehearsals, Varla proves to be anything but a team player and must learn to work in a team before it all falls part.



The Divine Decadence of Cheesecake dir Peter Savieri 2012 Australia 13 min
Ash is sent a highly erotic piece of Golden Girls fan-fiction. As he's drawn into their hilariously lusty world, his masculine and feminine sides split, gorgeously!

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