Passionate Politics / A Force of Nature

Two of the most influential activists of the past fifty years have more than their passion for Feminism and enthusiasm for change in common; they are also strong queer women whose contributions are long overdue to come to the screen.

“Women’s rights are human rights!” Though spoken by First Lady Hilary Clinton at the 1995 Beijing World Conference on Women, this concept originated in the life and work of lesbian feminist activist, writer and teacher Charlotte Bunch. From the Civil Rights Movement and anti-Vietnam war sentiments in the ’60s to groundbreaking international activism that changed the definition of human rights violations, Bunch brought to the forefront of activist thought the notion that the personal is political and “at stake is half the human race.”

With A Force of Nature, Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple (Harlan County USA, Shut Up and Sing) is back, inspired by the dynamic whirlwind Ellen Ratner, who heads the Washington bureau of Talk Radio News Service. A reliable voice for old school FDR liberal democrats, the out lesbian Ratner reaches beyond political boundaries to genuinely befriend conservatives, bridging the cultural divide. Whether assisting former slaves in South Sudan in developing cottage industries or joining forces with Hurricane Katrina survivors in Mississippi to build a community center, witness the power of one woman’s dedication to connecting people, ideas, and resources through the Kopple’s deft lens.


Co-presented by:
Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

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