Worldly Women

Take your mind on a tour around the globe with this women’s shorts program, with destinations unlimited—seductive hotel rooms, dimly lit nightclubs, rugged coastlines and threesomes—love is where you find it!

In Chloe Likes Olivia a Danish love triangle unfolds when Olivia brings home Chloe. Chloe is in love with Olivia, but Olivia is in love with Andrea, who waits at home. In Continental Drift Adele, a young Australian woman travels by the Croatian sea, she meets Antonija and together they discover the uncanny intimacy that can develop between strangers. For Kerstin and Petra in Fresh Air Therapy 2 their relationship is not their only problem, as they return to couple’s therapy and take part in a role-play by spending a night in a hotel, with curious consequences. In It’s Just a Detail, a killer gets more of a surprise than she’s bargained for, when cleaning up the scene of the crime. In the darkness of the a nightclub One Night finds the meeting place for the first few hours in a young couple’s relationship, as they deal with the intimacy and desire that this meeting provokes. In The Blessed Maria’s father has arranged for his thirteen-year-old daughter to play the Virgin Mary. But Maria doesn’t want to. Her father hopes that this will heal her. Maria has no idea if she wants to be healed—and from what, anyway?


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