Bi Candy

Lust triangles, rectangles and circles abound as bi characters find themselves caught in nightmares, enveloped by fantasies, traveling in foreign lands or just trying to get home and make out.

The stakes are high in these genre- and reality-bending shorts that will keep you guessing, laughing, gasping and maybe even weeping. Can you be allergic to love? Do You Have a Cat? explores the trials of one bisexual dating a variety of pet owners. Jenny is disappearing in a flash of feathers, but she is vividly remembered by her lovers and friends in Jenny Mi Amor. Dreams, reality, sex and sexuality blur leaving Lex stranded in her own nightmares (or are they realities?) in Gyre. Some people can’t even make it to hump day in Tuesday Night Make-Out, as a couple’s attempt at a little election day QT causes suspicion among friends. Get transported by Continental Drift as forbidden passion ignites between a Serbian woman and her mysterious Australian houseguest. Travel bi sea? Queers on a Boat begs the question, “how queer is a parody of a parody?”


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