Hella Love—QWOCMAP Shorts

From queer family values to a mother coming out to her grown children to magical musical film mash-ups with novice fairy godmothers, these joyous films rip the veil off societal expectations. Elope with your heart and solemnly vow undying delight!

For 40 years, legendary drummer Carolyn Brandy has infused her percussion with Drum Love Joy. Queer Asian women and their children see their Family Blessings shine through everyday devotion. A queer Mexicana couple journey through online dating and across borders to find their Corazon de Melon. After a life-changing accident, a Black lesbian model finds her true Love Ablity where she least expects it. During a zombie apocalypse, a genderqueer Asian survives A Night In The Woods with some help. With her new fairy godmother, a woman gets One Wish packed with much more than she asked. A queer Asian efficiency expert focuses on Chicks And Love to get betrothed by her next birthday. All films created through Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project (QWOCMAP).


Co-presented by:
QWOCMAP - Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project

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