Black & Blue All Over

Expected guest: director Panayotis Evangelidis

A titillating trio of kink films are sure to deliver and leave marks as a couple’s play date with a newbie gets triangulated, viewers are treated to a primer on staying kinky in one’s golden years and a doc portrait of a fetishist with a well-endowed footwear collection.

Chloe Likes Olivia is a sexy drama that unfolds in the course of one night. Olivia has brought home an eager student as a surprise gift for her girlfriend. But tonight, what was supposed to be hot three-way play gets complicated.

In Law and Order we are welcomed into Manfred and Jürgen’s home for an intimate visit. Now here’s an inspiring sight: two naked elderly gay men talking about their relationship and the good old days, and chatting in a refreshingly candid manner about their fetishes, sadomasochistic predilections and bondage.

What is more important? The boots or the man wearing them or the man worshipping them? In a storeroom in Brazil, a pair of leather boots caught the eye of a young Celso and a fetishist was born. Today he is an artist making explicit fetish art. A former Bear who slimmed down just so he could wear more of his beloved gear, Celso is a bonafide boot pig! The Life and Death of Celso Junior is an intriguing look into the life, musings, the art and the many deaths of a fetishist.

This program contains sexually explicit material.


Co-presented by:
Folsom Street Events

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