Jobriath A.D.

DIRECTOR: Kieran Turner

Expected guests: director Kieran Turner

Very few movies in this world grab you right in the first five seconds—Jobriath A.D. is one of them. Sprinkled with real life footage, fascinating bits of nostalgia and animated interludes, Jobriath A.D. is the story of the first openly gay rock star, who came out without apology or restraint, come what may. A self-identified “true fairy,” Jobriath was the dynamite that kickstarted the 1970s glam rock scene and influenced iconic musicians like Pet Shop Boys, Def Leppard, The Scissor Sisters and Morrissey.

Turner has crafted a touching and tumultuous story of an over-the-top, flamboyant rock god who began his life as a shy piano prodigy from Pennsylvania. Narrated by Henry Rollins and including interviews with Jobriath’s musical colleagues and close friends, Turner brings to life the lipsticked, androgynous superstar who both enchanted and repulsed his contemporaries.

As the viewer witnesses the euphoric highs and bitter lows Jobriath himself experienced, the film becomes more than just a “Behind the Music” documentary. It’s a beautiful, colorful and often heartwrenching tale of one man who was so far ahead of his time, we are only now beginning to see him for the trailblazer he was. This film will make you want to buy Jobriath’s records, not just for the spectacular music, but for a glimpse into the soul of a gifted and tortured man who changed the rock music scene forever.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D217

Co-presented by:
Queer Cultural Center
Theatre Rhinoceros

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