DIRECTOR: Kyle Henry

Expected guests: director Kyle Henry, actor Paul Soileau

Bathroom sexcapades, porn store shenanigans and complex human-canine relationships are just some of the adventures in Kyle Henry’s engaging feature anthology, Fourplay, executive produced by Jim McKay and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe.

One, Skokie: Gail, a closeted lesbian is hot for Marcy. When Marcy and her husband (Methodist pastor, Roger) go away for the weekend, Gail dog-sits for the couple and sleeps in their bed. The dog’s behavior swings from irritating to extremely affectionate as Gail slips in and out of sleep, having intense sex-dreams about Marcy.

Two, Austin: Lily and her boyfriend Kai are grappling with the desire to have a baby. Lily’s sister and sick baby are staying in their apartment, preventing that from happening. On a hot night, Lily, now wearing mirrored glasses, leads Kai into the backroom arcade maze at “Adult News.”

Three, Tampa: this segment, which screened at Sundance, is not for the faint of heart. If you can appreciate a slapstick tearoom sex farce that manages to be cinematically smart, sassy, and hilarious beyond imagination; this is for you. Louis, a gay man plagued with self-doubt has a bite at the food court and steps into a surreal iconoclastic scene in a public restroom.

Four, San Francisco: Aliya, a cross-dressing sex worker is driven across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin at Christmastime for a unique assignment with a bed-ridden man, (arranged by the man’s wife), which climaxes in an unexpected level of tenderness and beauty.


This film contains sexually explicit material.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F110

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