Graupel Poetry

DIRECTOR: Bruce Saxway

Expected guest: director Bruce Saxway

A surreal, sexually charged exploration of complex passions, bizarre love triangles and the thin line between sanity and madness, Graupel Poetry is a fascinating filmmaking trip that will leave you breathless at every unexpected turn. Leung and Ming share a small flat in Hong Kong. Leung is an aspiring actor in his first big role, who suffers from recurring nightmares. When his co-star turns up dead, an apparent murder, Leung spirals into a jumbled, uncertain world where everything he has known, including his own identity, comes into question. Meanwhile his relationship with Ming moves in a startling direction that raises questions about the foundation of their bond.

Channeling David Lynch throughout, filmmaker Bruce Saxway crafts a slick, unsettling atmosphere that manages to stay focused on the everyday existence of these fascinating characters while exploring their complicated internal lives in a twisted underbelly of dark, candlelit apartments and odd Hong Kong nightlife. Saxway expertly plays with audience perception creating a riveting mash-up of reality and dreams that explode into a filmmaking language like nothing you’ve ever seen. Combining immaculate cinematography, sleek sound design and pitch perfect performances, Saxway conjures up a memorable, jarring tale that represents cinematic poetry at its finest.


In Mandarin with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F115

Co-presented by:
CAAM - Center for Asian American Media

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