Face 2 Face

DIRECTOR: Katherine Brooks

Expected guest: director Katherine Brooks

There are tales of saving our souls, saving our relationships and even saving our friends, but when was the last time you heard about someone launching a massive rescue mission to save herself? Successful Hollywood writer/director Katherine Brooks (Loving Annabelle, Frameline30) has more than 5,000 Facebook friends, but what is the value of virtual friendship if you haven't had a hug in a month? Struggling with depression, addiction and years of suppressed trauma, Kat comes to grips with her need for true human interaction and impulsively posts on her Facebook wall a vow to visit the first fifty people who respond. An enthusiastic and hearty response comes immediately, and Kat quickly hops in a Face 2 Face van and embarks on an 11,000 mile journey around America, meeting complete strangers, reigniting relationships with long lost acquaintances, and exploring a past that continues to rear its ugly head in the present. The healing goes both ways as Kat and the diverse people she encounters trade stories and wisdom, and experience the power of humanity.

With Kat's personal and professional life bravely bared for the audience, Face 2 Face is a raw and emotional tale of one woman's journey that speaks to universal truths of what relationships mean in a world where friendship is often an idea rather than an action.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: D209

Co-presented by:
Rainbow Community Center

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