Let My People Go!

DIRECTOR: Mikael Buch

Expected guest: director Mikael Buch

Rosy, twink-like Ruben is a mailman in a candy-colored Finland where tolerance reigns supreme and every house has a bright red roof that seems to sing in the afternoon sunshine. Ruben, played by Nicolas Maury, has a floppy physicality that almost resembles Pee Wee Herman. He falls into a spot of trouble on his daily route when one of his customers refuses delivery of a suspicious bag full of euros, and they have a dust-up. After a huge misunderstanding over all of this, Ruben is cast out of paradise by his gorgeous Finnish boyfriend Teemu and promptly deposited back into the chaotic bosom of his Jewish family in France.

Back in bustling Paris, our hero is unwittingly enlisted in enough family drama to keep any lonely heart busy. He suffers through tennis with his father, only to be forced to meet his long-time mistress. He defends his unhappily married sister’s honor to her goyam husband. And he attends yoga classes with his off the wall mother (hilariously played by Almodóvar regular Carmen Maura). As Passover approaches, Ruben daydreams his way through exile while Teemu rushes to France to win back his love—hopefully he will get there in time!

First time feature director Mikael Buch, along with co-writer Christopher Honoré, delivers an uproarious farce packed with dazzling visuals, zany performances and irreverent retellings of the “been-there, done-that” tales everyone that was ever young and gay is sure to recognize. A ridiculous and relatable heart warmer, Let My People Go! is filled with laughs, love, and heaping helpings of kitschy fun.


In French and Finnish with English Subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F123

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