DIRECTOR: Daniel Roby

Welcome to Funkytown. It’s 1976, and the Disco era has landed in Montreal, bringing with it groovy new sounds and moves, flamboyant clothes and clubs, and a new generation of cultural icons and wannabes. Everyone wants in on the action, to make a name for themselves in the disco scene, or to defend their status as top power players.

At the center is high-rolling Bastien, host of TV’s hot show Disco Dance Party, a man at the top of his game yet struggling to balance his family life with the many temptations his fame presents. At his side as co-host and culture-maker is the flamboyantly gay Jonathan. When young Tino (Justin Chatwin, Showtime’s Shameless) tries out with his girlfriend to get their dance moves on the show, he stumbles upon the gay disco subculture, to which he’s intractably drawn. Jonathan spies this proclivity and tempts Tino into backroom trysts, though Tino continues to struggle with denial of his true identity. Is there a price to pay for these hedonistic dalliances?

Weaving together a large cast of characters, Funkytown takes us on a ride through the glitz and glamour of the era, as well as through its darker underside when karmic consequences unfold from all the carefree cavorting. The frequent transitions between French and English authentically capture the unique, bicultural setting of Montreal, which provides a dynamic backdrop for this hip and stylish retro-morality tale.


In English and French with English subtitles.

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F112

Co-presented by:
Queer Ballroom

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