DIRECTOR: Michael Akers

Morgan Oliver (Leo Minaya) has returned to his New York City apartment after five months of grueling surgeries and therapy from a bicycle racing accident, which has left him a paraplegic. Facing his once active life without the use of his legs, Morgan resumes his daily rituals as he did before the accident.

A chance meeting at a local basketball court introduces Morgan to Dean Kagen (Jack Kesy), a sensitive and awkward young man who inspires Morgan to try and rebuild his life as they embark on a relationship together. With Dean’s support, Morgan decides to reenter the same race where he so recklessly took a risk and lost the use of his legs. His obsessive training causes Morgan to ignore responsibilities and commitment to family, friends and finding a job. Morgan’s mother, his closest friend, even his doctor, wrestle with his blind defiance. After Morgan collapses from the physical strain, Dean pleads for Morgan to drop from the race, to no avail.

Alone once more, Morgan takes a final risk. Can he summon the strength and courage to pull his way back? Filmmaker Michael Akers (Phoenix) crafts a compassionate story of turning limitations into a lesson of acceptance and courage.


AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F130

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