DIRECTOR: John Huston

Leapin’ lizards—we got Annie! Before there was the 99%, those with a hard-knock-life were represented by red-haired ten-year-old fireball title character Annie in this Academy Award winning musical sensation!

In a dank New York orphanage run by the often drunk, Ms. Hannigan (a spectacular Carol Burnett) no one can top Annie when it comes to fighting boys and rescuing adorable runaway dogs. But under her tough exterior, Annie is just a girl who wants a family of her own. Meanwhile, though the depression rages on across the nation, businessman and ultimate one-percenter Oliver Warbucks (Albert Finney) finds himself in a PR nightmare and decides to welcome an orphan into his home to help his image, and who better than Annie! As Annie and Mr. Warbucks grow closer, Ms. Hannigan’s sinister brother Rooster (Tim Curry) and his girlfriend Lily (Bernadette Peters) threaten Annie’s happiness with the man who could turn out to be her Daddy Warbucks.

With the all-star cast of Burnett, Curry, Peters and Finney, and a band of surly girls singing and dancing their way through one of the most infectious soundtracks of all time, this 30th anniversary screening of Annie is not to be missed—for kids and adults of all ages!


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