The Intervention


Bay Area Premiere

Expected to attend: Director/Actor Clea DuVall, Actor Natasha Lyonne

Featuring an all-star, female-driven comedic ensemble, writer-director-star Clea Duvall’s directorial debut is a heartfelt homage to The Big Chill (and delivers upon decades of dreams in reuniting cast members from the iconic But I’m A Cheerleader).

No one knows better than Annie (Togetherness’s Melanie Lynskey) what’s best for her friends in terms of relationships, especially her best friend Ruby (How I Met Your Mother alum Cobie Smulders). Ruby and hubby Peter are long overdue for a talking to about how toxic they are for each other, so Annie stages an intervention to tell Ruby and Peter that they’re better off divorced. They’re passive-aggressive without the “passive,” sex for the couple is a distant memory, and they can’t even agree on how old their kids are.

But Annie’s weekend getaway of reflection turns into one of deflection and uncomfortable truths for everyone involved. Ruby’s sister Jessie (Duvall) and her longtime girlfriend Sarah (Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne) are a few snores away from lesbian bed death. “Non-couple” Jack and Lola have very different ideas of commitment, but haven’t found the time to discuss it in between road tripping and humping like rabbits. And Annie herself, the ever-sloshed facilitator of this fiasco, won’t address the fact that she hasn’t committed to a wedding date with her doting fiancé, Matt.

Winning Sundance’s 2016 Special Jury Award for Individual Performance, Lynskey’s busybody Annie truly shines as she unravels, especially during her blink-and-you’ll-miss-them hilarious interactions with Lola (Arrested Development alum Alia Shawkat). Over a rollicking score composed by Sara Quin (Tegan and Sara) and juxtaposed against a backdrop that should otherwise be peaceful and serene, The Intervention is a sharp, funny, and honest portrayal of the complexities of modern adult relationships.

— Angelique Smith

AT&T Audience Award Text Voting Code: F120

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