No Regret  {Huhwaehaji Anah}

No Regret
Huhwaehaji Anah

Korea, 2006, 114 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Sex Work, Violence
Program: World Cinema
Language: Korean

DIRECTOR: Leesong Hee-il

In an idyllic Korean countryside, a gorgeous, nude young man glides through a crystal clear blue river, perhaps the last joyous moment he will experience for a while. Su-Min has been raised in a rural orphanage, and it’s time for him to leave the nest. Set on becoming a design student, he is heading to the bright lights of Seoul.
Living in the big city forces Su-Min to become resilient, living life on his own terms in order to survive. After getting fired from his menial factory job, he swallows his pride and becomes a well-dressed rent boy at the city’s most exclusive brothel. While his effortlessly handsome good looks garner him many admirers, his eyes soon turn soulless.
Eventually, Su-Min is practically being stalked by the kind-hearted but persistent Jae-Min, the spoiled son of a prominent businessman. Living in the closet, but used to getting what he wants, Jae-Min falls deeply in love with Su-Min and pursues him, despite family pressure to marry his comely young fiancée. Even worse for Jae-Min, the stubborn Su-Min is not interested in his love or companionship.
After a violent confrontation, the two men let their guard down for a moment, see each other honestly for the first time, and begin a sort of romance. But in this modern-day melodrama, happiness doesn’t come easily. With its striking and haunting cinematography, No Regret is a beautiful feature film debut from director Leesong Hee-Il. — COREY EUBANKS


Gay Asian Pacific Alliance


Sundance Channel

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