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Spain, 2006, 105 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Gay, Latino/a, Sex Work, Spanish
Program: World Cinema
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Daniel Sånchez Arévalo

Jorge and Israel are two best friends living in Spain. Jorge wants a suit. Israel wants a van. But life is much more complicated than these two young men could ever imagine.
Israel is a slacker discovering the joys of voyeurism, and his favorite subject is the hot male masseuse in the next building. But he gets a shock when he spies his own father getting a massage (plus the happy ending), which causes Israel to start questioning his own identity, thinking homosexuality might run in the family. So he pays a visit to the masseuse while blackmailing his father for the money to buy the van.
Meanwhile, Jorge is stuck at home caring for his invalid father and working as a doorman in their apartment building, but what he really wants is a professional career where he can wear a nice clean suit. With his handsomely crooked good looks, Jorge has snagged the affections of the rich girl upstairs but finds himself falling for his brother’s girlfriend, who happens to be in prison. When his mercurial brother returns home, Jorge’s dreams of wearing that suit quickly begin to fade.
These two simple stories are beautifully interwoven to demonstrate the struggle between family obligations and individual freedoms, especially at that delicate point in life of coming into one’s own. With its subtle wit and homoerotic curiosity, DarkBlueAlmostBlack is a fresh and vibrant discovery reminiscent of its Spanish-language forerunner Y Tu Mama Tambien.



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