2 Mums and a Dad

2 Mums and a Dad

Australia, 2007, 52 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, Gay, Lesbian, Parenting / Family
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Miranda Wills

This stunningly frank, beautifully observed portrait of three strong-willed adults and a baby transcends the cheap theatrics of reality TV to deliver real drama. Fiona and Kellie, a no-nonsense Aussie couple in their thirties, want to have a child. So does Darren, a gay, equally outspoken Englishman who works with Fiona. They discuss at length how such a scenario would work and negotiate the details of Darren’s involvement from sperm donor through expectant dad to off-site father.
After reviewing the agreement and mulling its weight in the eventuality it will be used in court, Darren’s attorney observes, “The law is still struggling to catch up with concepts of family.” Of course, the best contract is one entered into by people who trust each other, and from the outset there are hints of trouble to come. Fiona’s insemination proves the least sticky aspect, since once she’s pregnant everyone’s feathers seem continually ruffled.
The dynamic of the relationship generally shapes up as two against one, and it will be the rare viewer who doesn’t pick sides. Will this thorny union implode before the due date, or will a beautiful baby be the magical impetus for a loving family?
With a complicated patchwork of U.S. laws, the states are anything but united in what makes a family. The short film Finding Family: Gay Adoption in the U.S. offers a comprehensive overview of the legal means gays and lesbians use to build their families. — MICHAEL FOX


Children of Lesbian & Gays Everywhere and Our Family Coalition

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