The Two Sides of the Bed  {Los dos lados de la cama}

The Two Sides of the Bed
Los dos lados de la cama

Spain, 2005, 108 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Coming Out, Drama, Lesbian, Music / Music Video, Musical, Spanish
Program: World Cinema
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Emilio Martinez Lázaro

Though he still has a roving eye, Javier (Ernesto Alterio) is ready to leave his bachelor days behind him and marry girlfriend Marta (Veronica Sanchez), while his best friend Pedro (Guillermo Toledo) wants to do the same with his sexy bi torch singer lover Raquel (Lucia Jimenez). There is just one problem with this happily-ever-after scenario: Marta and Raquel are in love with each other. That is only one of the many complications in this Spanish import, a frothy, bisexual musical comedy celebrating passion and desire and the sequel to director Emilio Martinez Lázaro’s 2002 The Other Side of the Bed.
The guys’ pal Rafa (Alberto San Juan) has problems of his own with his lovely Pilar (Maria Esteve), while Javier and Pedro face a delicious dilemma when they meet ebullient Carlota (Pilar Castro), and she proposes a ménage à trois with the two men. Meanwhile, Raquel is less than enthusiastic when Marta suggests a trip to Paris, and rightly so, since their own hometown Madrid is ground zero for erotic and romantic possibilities. Part of the fun is in watching Javier and Pedro’s bisexual panic evolve into something unexpected, but the entire ensemble’s enthusiasm is infectious as the characters play out a variety of sensual combinations. Best of all, no quandary is so complex that it can’t be expressed with a pop song and a peppy dance number. — PAM GRADY


International Latino Film Festival-San Francisco Bay Area


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