Girl Inside

Girl Inside

Canada, 2007, 72 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Documentary, Gender, Male-to-Female, Transgender
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Maya Gallus

At the age of 25, Madison is preparing to become a new person: the woman she’s always wanted — and knows she was meant — to be. This intimate journey of transformation and self-discovery evolves over three years, from pre-op transexuality to full female identification. From hormones that bring on female puberty to a tracheal shave removing her Adam’s apple to the final surgery that will remove her most offending parts, Madison’s metamorphosis is both physical and emotional.
Not once does Madison question her decision or her gender identity, but she does worry about how her family will handle her transition. While her mother initially grieves over the loss of her son, Madison’s entire family proves to be remarkably supportive, particularly her 80-year-old grandmother Vivien, who, with her elegant British accent and a set of hot rollers, is the determined doyenne of all things feminine. Madison, however, has little interest in make-up, jewelry or fashion, but is interested in finding a meaningful relationship with a man who can accept her as wholly female.
For Madison, being transsexual was always a temporary situation. Through personal video diaries, revealing family moments, doctor visits and hospital stays, we are able to witness her body finally coming into harmony with her clear sense of self.
In Casting Pearls, Calpernia Adams stars as a transsexual actress who endures a series of Hollywood auditions, each humorously spotlighting a different prejudice or misconception that transwomen encounter. — JOANNE PARSONT


United Genders of the Universe

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