One to Another  {Chacun sa nuit}

One to Another
Chacun sa nuit

France, 2006, 95 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Drama, Gay, Violence, Youth
Program: World Cinema
Language: French

DIRECTORS: Pascal Arnold, Jean-Marc Barr

Pierre (Arthur Dupont), a beautiful, bisexual lead singer in a punk rock band, could be a modern-day incarnation of Terence Stamp in Pasolini’s Teorema, the gorgeous young man who has something for everyone. The object of everyone’s desire, he enjoys a symbiotic, quasi-incestuous relationship with his adoring sister Lucie (Lizzie Brocheré) and a seductive friendship with his band mates. Around his hometown, he is a cheerful and enthusiastic hustler, game for just about anything, including orgies with city fathers. It is an idyllic life of sex, skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing that comes to an abrupt and painful end when the stunning youth turns up missing.
As the camera lingers sensually over nubile bodies in Jean-Marc Barr and Pascal Arnold’s fourth collaboration, the characters’ sexuality becomes the key to a mystery. Based on a real-life incident in France, this erotic drama adopts a fractured format as it travels back and forth in time with Lucie as she tries to solve the riddle of her brother’s disappearance while also coming to terms with the idea of life without him. As she reconstructs their lives, the film brings into sharp relief the narcissism, arrogance and self-absorption of siblings who use sex to manipulate others. “Only a body can know another body,” is the brother and sister’s trite mantra, a reductive philosophy that has dangerous consequences for the boy with the hot body and the bedroom eyes. — PAM GRADY



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