The DL Chronicles
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The DL Chronicles

USA, 2007, 100 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Black / African American, Coming Out, Drama, Gay
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTORS: Deondray Gossett, Quincy LeNear

Though guys on the “downlow” have always been around, it’s only recently that a name has been put to their surreptitious activities and a variety of artistic endeavors created to depict them. This trio of sexy, well-acted episodes from a new here! Networks TV series is a worthy addition to the genre, offering a wide ranging look at the different ways African American men secretly engage in homosexual activity while outwardly living a heterosexual life.
In episode one, married buppie Wes finds himself drawn to his brother-in-law Trent, whose bewitching eyebrows and killer abs offer temptations he can’t resist. In the middle, and most substantial, episode, a conflicted man named Robert falls for Austin, a younger guy from Belize, but hides the relationship from the key woman in his life. Sheilynn Wactor offers a spirited supporting turn as Austin’s co-worker Shirley. In the final segment, an unreconstructed Black male (i.e., a playa) named Boo slings his stuff around for pretty much anything on two legs and discovers that promiscuity can have consequences he never imagined.
Taken together, these three provocative storylines — with rich R&B-infused music written expressly for the show punctuating each one — effectively delineate the variety of social and class-related situations that lead African American men away from lives of honesty and openness and into the world of the downlow. — ROD ARMSTRONG


Black Coalition On AIDS and Shanti L.I.F.E. Institute



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