Fun Down There
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Fun Down There

USA, 1989, 89 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Coming Out, Drama, Gay
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Roger Stigliano

One of the first gay features released after the arrival of the AIDS epidemic, Fun Down There offers a refreshingly uncomplicated view of coming out and coming of age.
Roger Stigliano’s early gem of new queer cinema chronicles a single week in the life of Buddy, a young gay man living with his family in rural upstate New York. The morning after his sister discovers his copy of Playgirl, Buddy sneaks away to New York City. Shortly after his arrival, he experiences his first sexual encounter. His partner, Joseph, takes Buddy under his wing and provides him with the Big City essentials: a hotel room, a subway map and a lecture about safe sex.
In a wry, offhand style, Fun Down There skillfully captures the ordinary day-to-day events that make life extraordinary. With humor that is more Jim Jarmusch than John Waters, the film’s sex scenes have an innocent and refreshingly casual quality even today. Plus, there’s something that’s always welcomed in queer cinema: a happy ending.
As noted by Rupert Smith in Time Out, Michael Waite as Buddy “radiates a convincing innocence and an electric sexuality.” Stigliano and Waite’s comfort with their story and their characters provides a glowing energy, simply and unquestioningly asserting that no matter how challenging the times, gay life will continue and thrive.
Fun Down There is currently available on DVD from Frameline.

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