Germany, 2006, 97 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Aging / Elders, Drama, Lesbian
Program: World Cinema
Language: German & English

DIRECTOR: Angelina Maccarone

It’s Christmas Eve in Rotterdam, and three enchanting women search for love and the meaning of life in this beautiful, sad and hopeful cinematic poem. Francesca is burdened with responsibility. The eldest sister in a motherless family, she spends her days driving a cab to earn money. At night she takes care of her father and keeps tabs on her loose-cannon teenage sister, Antonietta. But Francesca’s life is without passion.
When Antonietta runs off to Rotterdam with her rock musician boyfriend, Francesca follows close behind. Along the way she picks up a mysterious older woman, Gerlinde, who has been injured in a car accident and appears lost. From the moment they meet, this down-and-out duo share an uncommon bond. Is this just a chance meeting? Or, was it meant to be? As they navigate the streets of Rotterdam in search of Antonietta, their intimate conversations expose the raw, lonely souls of two women who have been left behind more than once.
Filmmaker Angelina Maccarone (Unveiled, Frameline30) combines a dreamy visual style, artful editing and wistful performances to craft a stunning, personal story that captures the unique perspective of three distinct characters at various moments in time. Each scene beautifully communicates the desires and struggles of these women as they attempt to connect with one another and with the world around them. — BRENDAN PETERSON


Goethe Institut of San Francisco


Joie de Vivre Hospitality

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