In Trust and Love / Miracle

In Trust and Love / Miracle

Program: Documentary

This documentary duo celebrates the great strides Europe has recently made in recognizing gay marriage equality.
First up is In Trust and Love, a gay, Czech celebrity take on The Learning Channel’s “A Wedding Story,” as actor/singer Pavel Vitek (the Czech Hugh Jackman) enters into a legal partnership with his longtime lover-cum-manager Janis Sidovsky in an idyllic ceremony set in a castle on a hill. The film intercuts between their preparations for the wedding — as they listen (somewhat narcissistically) to stories about their upcoming union on the radio while stylists work tirelessly to ensure they look perfect — and their reflections on the nuptials several weeks later. The star couple got hitched just days after the Czech Republic began legally recognizing same-sex partnerships in July, 2006.
Miracle takes a more political view of the movement in Spain, where the Partido Socialista fulfilled its promise of full marriage equality soon after its rise to power in 2004. The film captures the passion, excitement and eloquence of its subjects — including filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar — who assert their equality in the eyes of society and the law. They also express great pride in their country's dramatic leap to the forefront of human rights after lagging behind for so many years under a legacy of fascism. Leave it to the Spaniards to take it to the streets and turn their historic LGBT rights victory into one hell of a party. — PHILIPPE GOSSELIN


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