The Look of Love

The Look of Love

Program: Shorts

This collection of shorts highlights the ups and downs of searching for love.
On a visit to her conservative hometown in Nevada, Cody is confronted with her first love and reminded that an old flame can still burn you in last exit. In Licorice, a friendship forms between a heartbroken fiancée and a lost teen as they discover the vast space in the Australian Blue Mountains—and themselves. When she accepts a mysterious package in Carmela’s Package, a woman who loves helping friends out of their troubles needs some help of her own. In Flowers at the park (or first kisses), Ana and Lola arrange to meet. Lola will bring flowers; Ana will bring doubts — but only until they kiss for the first time. Virginia lets her mind wander through the streets of L.A., but she can’t escape the haunting presence of Vita in Street Haunting. In Jo FM, a radio DJ is kidnapped by an obsessed fan who wants her to make one last tape — a tape to remind her of the way radio, society and her life once were. Terry wants to ask her girlfriend to marry her in Will You… Unable to afford a ring, she plans a farcical heist that goes horribly wrong. In Running Home, young lesbian Lee discovers her values while away from her closeted girlfriend on a visit to her HIV-positive, estranged gay brother.


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