Manuela y Manuel  {Manuela & Manuel}

Manuela y Manuel
Manuela & Manuel

Puerto Rico, 2007, 94 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Drag, Gay, Latino/a
Program: World Cinema
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Raul Marchand

Manuela may be a star attraction at a San Juan nightclub where travesti are the reigning divas, but lately her life is a mess. Her boyfriend just dumped her, and her nosy landlady wants the back rent. But her best girl Coca has an even bigger problem, and she needs Manuela’s help. Pregnant after a one-night stand, Coca asks Manuela to put away her cha-cha heels and don a suit to become the man she is biologically so she can pretend to be the baby’s father and marry Coca to please her conservative parents. Manuela cannot say no, but in transforming from her flirty, ultra-feminine, cosmopolitan-swilling self into sober, Iraq-bound soldier Scott, she faces the biggest challenge of her performing life.
Star Humberto Busto, best known for his role as Gael Garcia Bernal’s best friend in Amores Perros, hilariously plays up Manuela’s dizzy, neurotic self-absorption while gradually revealing the deeper emotions and genuine heart lurking under a deceptively shallow surface. Giddy screwball farce meets all the soap operatic incidents of a telenovela in Raul Marchand Sanchez’s buoyant dramedy that becomes something altogether more poignant as Manuela’s attempts to unleash her inner man provide her with the insight to becoming a happier, more independent woman. — PAM GRADY

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