Ten More Good Years
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Ten More Good Years

USA, 2007, 71 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Activism, Aging / Elders, Biography / History, Discrimination, Documentary, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Mike Jacoby

This touching and eye-opening documentary illuminates the unique challenges, maddening injustices and life-altering triumphs experienced by LGBT elders.
Aging can be a difficult stage of life for anyone, but LGBT elders face additional hardships: Many safety nets that are in place for heterosexuals, such as Social Security survivor benefits, just don’t apply. Some are forced to go back into the closet to live in “straight” retirement homes, while others end up living in shelters because of discriminatory housing practices. Many grow old alone.
Through interviews with aging experts, lawyers, activists and the remarkable elders who share their compelling stories, Ten More Good Years sheds light on this vulnerable population, one that is often neglected by both the government and society. While illustrating the depths of these injustices, director Michael Jacoby also celebrates the achievements of elder homosexuals and lesbians, whether through the arts or gay rights activism. He deftly illustrates how the gay community takes care of its own and imparts a gentle reminder to the next generation about the importance of honoring and supporting those who came before.
Also screening is Felicia, Tim O’Hara’s touching portrait of Felicia Elizondo, who always manages to stay upbeat even while struggling to survive as a single senior living on a limited income in San Francisco. — NORA ISAACS

co-presented by

LGBT Aging Issues Network of the American Society on Aging, New Leaf: Services For Our Community and openhouse



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