Tal Como Somos/Just As We Are  {Tal Como Somos}

Tal Como Somos/Just As We Are
Tal Como Somos

USA, 2007, 70 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Activism, AIDS / HIV, Bisexual, Discrimination, Documentary, Gay, Gender, Homophobia, Immigration / Exile, Latino/a, Local Filmmakers / Subjects, Parenting / Family, Transgender
Program: Documentary
Language: English, Spanish

DIRECTOR: Judith McCray

This warm, upbeat documentary profiles seven Latinos and one transgender Latina living in the US “tal como somos.” The film begins with well-off Mexican-Americans Marcelo — who is devoutly Catholic — and Gus. Gus doesn’t understand why anyone would want to embrace a religion that considers him inherently evil, but Marcelo has reconciled his faith to the church dogma and has evolved from praying for a miracle to be “changed” to just having his father accept him for who he is.
Oscar explores the queer Latino experience in San Francisco, marveling at how it has made him confront his Cuban origins. Colombian-American David has moved from San Francisco to New York City, where he is pleased that “nobody knows me and nobody cares” about his orientation. Ernesto’s choice suggests a solution to Latinos on the “down low” in their home countries: He purposefully exiled himself from Venezuela to live openly as a bisexual and receive HIV treatment in Washington, D.C. His co-worker Gabriella is transgender, having survived substance abuse and beauty pageants, and now living in a happy marriage.
Several of those profiled work in AIDS or health education outreach, and their stories are skillfully woven together by the compassionate words of Panamanian-American Dusty, who helps people seeking asylum on the basis of sexual orientation or HIV status and has two adopted children with his partner in San Francisco. — FRAKO LODEN

co-presented by

El/la Program Para Trans-Latinas and QueLACo-Queer Latina/o Artists’ Coalition

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