Out In India: A Family’s Journey

Out In India: A Family’s Journey

USA, 2008, 71 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: AIDS / HIV, Documentary, Gay, Parenting / Family, South Asian
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Tom Keegan

How far would you go to pursue your passion? When UCLA arts professor David Gere gets a Fulbright Fellowship to live in India for six months to organize a conference of Indian artists doing AIDS-related work, he accepts. David believes that AIDS education through the arts can save millions of lives, especially in India, where the rate of infection is spiraling out of control — and 90% don’t even know they are infected. So with his partner Peter Carley and their two small children, he travels halfway around the globe to Bangalore.
Far from the manicured lawns of Los Angeles, they find themselves immersed in a culture where sex and homosexuality are not openly discussed, same-sex parents are unheard of, and people with HIV suffer from prejudice and stigma. David tours the country gathering puppeteers, folk artists and dancers to attend his Make Art/Stop AIDS conference in Calcutta. Meanwhile, Peter assumes full-time care of the children, battles the heat and struggles against homesickness and prejudice. At the trip’s end, its real fruits come to bear: artists and activists (and a special guest, David’s brother, Richard Gere) open their minds and hearts and daringly work together to bring awareness about a critical subject that is normally taboo.
Out in India tells the impressive story of a family’s love, the strength of global activism, the universal power of the arts —and the intense passion of people who dedicate their lives to changing the world for the better. — NORA ISAACS


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