The New World  {Le Nouveau Monde}

The New World
Le Nouveau Monde

France, 2007, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Lesbian, Parenting / Family
Program: World Cinema
Language: French

DIRECTOR: Etienne Dhaene

Lucie and Marion are in love. As their relationship grows, so does Lucie’s desire to experience motherhood and to share that experience with Marion. But the prospect of starting a family brings mounting complications for these two beautiful, young women living a fast-paced life in Paris. Everyone has an opinion for them: Their friends, their coworkers and their families all feel compelled to weigh in on the best road to take, or whether to begin the journey at all.
When the happy couple finally takes the plunge, the hopes and dreams that once brought them together begin to pull them apart. Soon there are more questions than answers in this warm and witty exploration of a modern family’s origin. What role, if any, will the father of their child play? Is a father even necessary in the world of a contemporary lesbian couple?
As the due date approaches, Lucie’s maternal instincts surge, while Marion begins to question her place in the life she thought she had all figured out. With their lives on the verge of changing forever, they seek approval from their families, watch friends struggle with their own children and try to overcome financial insecurities. But until the old world catches up to them, it’s up to Lucie and Marion to make this new world they’ve entered their own. — KRISTINE KOLTON


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