Two Looks  {Dos Miradas}

Two Looks
Dos Miradas

Spain, 2007, 70 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Latino/a, Lesbian, Spanish
Program: World Cinema
Language: Spanish

DIRECTOR: Sergio Candel

The two friends in Two Looks have seen less complicated times together. Though we never hear their names or see them interact with the world outside of their stylish desert house, their exchanges are the sort that speak volumes with a well-placed breath.
Waking to find themselves naked and entangled, the first to leave the bed is bewildered. Along with her, we begin to put together the pieces of their night as she trips on empty wine bottles and endures a deep struggle in the shower, trying to scrub the night off of her skin. Clearly, their friendship can never be the same, and she’s unwilling to accept that change.
Acting sweetly about the new turn in their relationship, her partner wakes alone and quickly makes breakfast. There they sit in a strangely visceral silence, one speaking gently with patience and soft eye contact, the other lashing out at flies and hurling insults. All the while director Sergio Candel holds his camera in wait, and lets the distance between the two women fill up with all the things they do not say. Intellectual in the sexiest way, Two Looks will have you rapt.
In Clouded, a classic coming-of-age story takes a powerful turn when Sean’s struggle to understand who he really is refutes the lie that goes to the core of his being and his future as a man. — SARA SCHIERON


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