Don’t Go
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Don’t Go

USA, 2007, 51 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Black / African American, Drama, Gender, Intersex, Lesbian, South Asian
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Amber Sharp

A refreshing new foray into the ensemble cast dramedy, Don’t Go is like “The L Word” with more racial and socioeconomic diversity. Featuring Guinevere Turner (Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Go Fish) and Nisha Ganatra (director and star of Chutney Popcorn), Don’t Go is funny, fierce and oozing sexuality and attitude.
The program begins with a trio of shorts, from the heartbreaking to the hilarious, east coast to west, butch to femme.
In Dive, a cute young thing with a date to impress likes rapping about “Rimbaud and shit,” but is she brave enough to get what she wants? Woman in Burka follows real-life actress Sarita Choudhury through fictionalized auditions for a new film. Is it a drama or just a cheap horror flick? None of the auditioning actresses (each of whom, it seems, have appeared in “Law & Order” at some point) really know. But who cares? It’s a job! This darkly comedic short shines a spotlight on race, aging, gender and the actor’s eternal quest for validation — and a paycheck.
Two couples, two birthdays, two dildos and a little role-reversal are the highlights of the hilarious Happy Birthday, which plays on “traditional” gender roles in butch-femme relationships when Abigail wants to top her butch girlfriend Jack, and femme Madeline agrees to have a baby as long as her partner Hannah carries it. — KATE CARROLL

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