Punch Like A Girl / A Ring of Their Own

Punch Like A Girl / A Ring of Their Own

USA, 2008, 58 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Black / African American, Discrimination, Documentary, Immigration / Exile, Lesbian, Sports
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTORS: Maya Gallus, Justine Pimlott

These two documentaries pull us into the gym, the ring and the lives of competitive female boxers whose dedication to the sport and each other is fierce and unwavering.
In Punch Like a Girl, the epithet is flipped and powerfully reclaimed by amateur competitive female boxers in Toronto, Canada. Savoy “Kapow” Howe is the gravitational center for a group of talented, determined female boxers who meet and compete with each other at her gym. Each boxer enters the ring because she has to; they are all born to it. In the process, they learn how to combine the raw killer instinct that drives their success with the discipline and technique it takes to realize their competitive dreams.
A Ring of Their Own features Anne-Marie Saccurato and Angel Bovee, professional female boxers and out and proud lesbians. After a serious car accident at age 18, Saccurato customized a rehabilitation program to rebuild her shattered body. Along the way, she discovered the two loves of her life: boxing and Bovee, a former US Boxing Champion. With Bovee in her corner, Saccurato prepares for the most important fight of her career. Lovers and business partners, the pugilist duo rank among the best professional female boxers in the world. “Out lesbians tend to be on the cutting edge of things,” says Bovee. “We’re used to shaking it up in society, and this is just our way of doing it.” — STEFANI CHARREN

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National Center for Lesbian Rights


Gold’s Gym

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