Working On It

Working On It

Switzerland, 2008, 50 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Activism, Documentary, Female-to-Male, Gender, Gender Queer, Homophobia, Intersex, Lesbian, Male-to-Female, Politics, Transgender
Program: Documentary
Language: German

DIRECTORS: Sabina Baumann, Karin Michalski

A group of Berlin-based artists gather to explore how perceptions of femininity and masculinity are constructed and ask, “What happens when you don’t fit firmly into one box or the other?”
Drawing inspiration from stereotypical, gender-specific clothing and accessories, the artists invert these images (sometimes literally, as in the case of false eyelashes doubling as a goatee) to deconstruct gender “norms” and re-appropriate the idea of “otherness.” Culminating in a multi-disciplinary group show, encompassing performance art, music, multi-media installations and video art, the group seeks to create a space where self-identity and outward perception can coexist.
Punctuated by a soundtrack featuring Riot Grrrl bands like Lesbians on Ecstasy and Scream Club, Working on It offers an inside glimpse of the fashionable, contemporary queer arts scene in Berlin while asserting, “I didn’t come out of the closet to live in a box!”
A Complicated Queerness: Living Femme in a Dyke Community looks at how mainstream gender stereotypes are replicated in the queer-hipster community of San Francisco’s Mission district. Femme-identified women discuss how their queerness is questioned for not “looking gay enough” and ask, “How do we shatter stereotypes and become a unified community?” — HOLLY ROACH

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