Unspoken Passion  {Sikil}
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Unspoken Passion

Philippines, 2007, 109 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Drama, Gay, Sex Work
Program: World Cinema
Language: Tagalog

DIRECTOR: Roni Bertubin

Water flows through this beautiful Filipino film like the life force it is — pouring down upon or flooding into the key moments in the lives of two young men who meet as boys in a rural town and end up as male prostitutes in Manila. Whether it’s the river where they play as boys — and get surprisingly casual dual circumcisions from the local equivalent of a mohel (“OK! Go jump in the river.” Ouch!) — the holy water sprayed at a religious festival, the filthy water that seeps through the Manila slums, the steaming water in the bathhouses where the young men ply their trade, or just the ever-present rain, these guys are always getting wet. They also spend a lot of time getting naked, which isn’t a bad thing.
Handsome puppy Ken Escudero as Enzo and hot hunk Wil Sadejas as Adong play the friends as young men. Their lifelong bond seems broken when Adong elopes with Melay (Ashley Silverio), leaving Enzo heartbroken and alone in the river (of course), where the two had been happily skinny-dipping until she came along. Enzo soon embarks on a search for his friend that takes five years. They finally meet again — and have sex for the very first time in front of a paying audience — when they are unwittingly booked as performers in the same gay sex show. Will the unspoken passion shared by these beautiful young men be forced into the open?

co-presented by

Gay Asian Pacific Alliance - GAPA


Water Bearer Films

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