Yes Nurse! No Nurse!  {Ja zuster! nee zuster!}
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Yes Nurse! No Nurse!
Ja zuster! nee zuster!

Netherlands, 2002, 100 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Gay, Musical
Program: Michael Lumpkin Retrospective
Language: Dutch

DIRECTOR: Pieter Kramer

With the triumph of Chicago and Moulin Rouge, 2003 was hailed as the year of the Hollywood musical. But at Frameline27 that year, Yes Nurse! No Nurse!, a charming little tuner from Holland, showed the big boys how to really put on a show. It remains one of Michael Lumpkin’s all-time favorites. From its Busby Berkeley-style title sequence featuring nurses instead of chorines and an opening number that Variety described as “...a cross between The Umbrellas of Cherbourg and Singin’ in the Rain in inspiration and poster-color look,” the film is both a delightfully Dutch musical treat and a charming homage to the ’60s, Amsterdam style.
Where else can you find a bleached-blonde burglar with a bubble butt strutting around in his underwear, singing an endearing love song — to his pet pigeons? That sort of thing comes with the territory at Nurse Klivia’s Rest Home, where the residents aren’t necessarily old, they’re just a little different. The only fly in the ointment is a grumpy neighbor who wants to drive Klivia and her zany charges out of their house. But when a flamboyantly gay hairdresser opens up a shop across the street, the plot takes a number of queer twists as both the cranky neighbor and the neighborhood begin to change...



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