Alondra: A Transsexual Diary  {Alondra: Historia de una transexual}

Alondra: A Transsexual Diary
Alondra: Historia de una transexual

Spain, 2007, 78 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Biography / History, Discrimination, Documentary, Gender, Male-to-Female, Sex Work, Spanish, Transgender
Program: Documentary
Language: English

DIRECTORS: Carles Porta, Danielle Schleif

Alondra wants just one thing from life: to finally be herself. This fascinating, intense and deeply moving documentary traces the physical and emotional transformation of Alberto to Alondra, as we get an intimate and educational glimpse into the “gender reassignment” process that will leave you captivated at every turn.
The film begins in Spain where Alondra, a poor immigrant, spends her nights on the streets to earn money for her final surgery. Her brutally honest video diary provides insight into her day-to-day life, her fragile emotional state and the motivation behind the tough decisions she makes in pursuit of her true identity.
Next, it’s off to Thailand for surgery. With a camera constantly in hand, Alondra and filmmakers Carles Porta and Danielle Schleif capture amazing details of the medical procedure and its aftermath in the hospital.
Finally, Alondra travels to New York City for an emotionally charged reunion with her mother and other family members who only knew her as Alberto. Rarely does a film capture the raw emotion and everyday reality of such a personal, life-altering experience. With her infectious laugh and sweet, open spirit, Alondra uses hand-held confessionals to lay her life bare as she pursues her lifelong dream of physically and mentally becoming a total woman. — BRENDAN PETERSON

co-presented by

CUAV - Community United Against Violence and El/la Program Para Trans-Latinas

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