From Singapore to Seoul and L.A. - Gay Asian Shorts

From Singapore to Seoul and L.A. - Gay Asian Shorts

68 Minute Running Time
Program: Shorts

This collection of narrative, documentary and experimental shorts provide a variety of perspectives on the gay Asian experience at home and abroad.
What do they say about a family that eats together? Find out what happens to one Singaporean family in Four Dishes. Doing their laundry, a young couple in Los Angeles learns that the little things are what count after meeting an older gentleman in Laundromat.
The Frameline release Seoul to Soul documents a young Asian man’s turbulent journey from a Mormon upbringing in Utah through his adulthood in San Diego —a life fraught with pitfalls as he navigates a maze of addictions while searching for identity and self-acceptance. In The Postcard, a Korean post office clerk mistakenly thinks that a customer is trying to get her attention by writing open love letters on the postcards he regularly sends out.
When Singaporean filmmaker X’Ho included an erect penis in his latest film, he knew that he could never screen it at home, where he could end up in jail for it. An experimental short that comprises at least three genres, Allen Ginsberg Gives Great Head is a poetic homage to the great American poet and writer of Howl and a political statement on repressive censorship in Singapore.


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API Equality

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