Dottie's Magic Pockets

Dottie's Magic Pockets

57 Minute Running Time

Frustrated by the lack of diverse programming for your kids? Nothing out there that reflects your family? No need to feel left out any longer! Frameline offers these made-for-TV programs by filmmakers who are lesbian moms themselves.
Thanks to Tammy Stoner and her partners at Pink Pea Productions, parents in the LGBT community now have a children’s show to share with their little ones. In Dottie’s Magic Pockets, when Dottie’s partner Mary leaves to take their son Oliver to his first day of school, Dottie (the amazing Jen Plante) becomes lonely. Luckily, Oliver gave his mom enchanted glitter, which she sprin-kles around the house, making objects come alive! Their living room is transformed into a world with a colorful cast of characters, including puppets (Randal the Beaver, James the Flower, Uncanny the Singing Can, Matilda the Mouse and the singing Couch Cushions), animation and music. A wacky and playful lesbian mom, Dottie leads her gaggle of friends as they sing, dance, learn and play the day away!
Buddy G, My Two Moms and Me is an animated series about a five-year-old with two moms who loves science and uses a computer strapped to his arms to solve problems. In the premier episode, “Lost Rings,” Buddy G and his arms to solve problems. In the premier episode, “Lost Rings,” Buddy G and his best friend Owen learn the value of being truthful while picking up some facts about the science of metal detectors. — DARLENE WEIDE


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COLAGE--Children of Lesbians & Gays Everywhere and Our Family Coalition

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