A Double Life

A Double Life

69 Minute Running Time

In Tongzhi in Love (f.k.a. A Double Life), their latest and most lyrical film yet, the Oscar-winning team of director Ruby Yang and producer Thomas Lennon have captured an intimate, poignant portrait of three young men navigating the precarious dilemmas of living out and gay in modern China, torn between the lure of big city life and the powerful demands of generations of cultural tradition.
Frog and his friends, Feng and Ze, live and work in cosmopolitan Beijing, reveling in a level of freedom that sophisticated urban life affords. Yet a Chinese son’s solemn duty is to produce a child and to carry forward his family’s line and name. Does their relative freedom and happiness come at the expense of their parents and centuries of cultural tradition? Can they live out and be happy and still be “good sons”? China’s laws limiting most families to a single child only compounds pressures on gay men, many of whom resort to sham marriages.
The Blood of Yingzhou District won the 2007 Academy Award for best short-subject documentary and catapulted China’s struggle to deal with AIDS onto global headlines. This heart-breaking, riveting documentary explores how traditional Chinese obligations of family and village collide with the terror of infection and how these forces play out in the lives of children in the remote villages of Anhui. — COREY TONG

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