Mommy Mommy / Two Men and Two Babies

Mommy Mommy / Two Men and Two Babies

2007, 95 Minute Running Time
Language: English

What defines a family? What are the options for same-sex couples who want children? How do different societies deal with gay parenting? These fascinating documentaries delve directly into the heart of what it means to be a gay mom or dad.
Two Men and Two Babies tells the story of Tony and Lee, who want a baby but are forced to look outside their home country of Australia, where paid surrogacy is illegal. They journey to the U.S. — where the fertility industry is a billion-dollar business — find the right mom and witness the birth of their son, Alexander, and, five years later, have a daughter from the same surrogate. Through interviews and family footage, director Emma Crimmings captures how the couple handles the everyday emotional roller coaster of parenting and a society that’s not sure what to make of a family with two dads.
Despite Canada’s reputation as socially progressive, adoption by same-sex couples was only recently legalized, and many couples still face harsh opposition. Mommy Mommy follows Linda and Mona in their quest to have a child. After they failed to conceive, this loving lesbian couple turned to adoption and encountered a whole new set of problems. From negotiating with international adoption agencies to getting advice from author/playwright/actor Ann-Marie MacDonald, Linda and Mona’s journey is a frank and touching look at the hoops one has to jump through to start a family.

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COLAGE--Children of Lesbians & Gays Everywhere, Gay Future Dads of San Francisco and Our Family Coalition


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