USA, 2008, 90 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Female-to-Male, Lesbian, Sexually Explicit, Transgender
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Shine Louise Houston

If you liked Girlfight, but felt like it was missing strap-on action and penetration, then Champion is for you! Tattooed and tough Jessie is a rising MMA champ who not only has smooth moves in the ring, but also has mastered the fuck-and-run move outside of it. With every new conquest she leaves in the morning — including a hot, squealing redhead and one super-cute woman that favors Alice from The L Word if you squint just right — Jessie becomes more detached and driven. Blackmailed by a jealous boyfriend to throw her next fight and forced by her manager to appear “less gay” for a photo shoot with her future opponent, Jessie must decide whether her career is more important than being herself.

Semi-stone butch Jessie is played by Syd Blakovich, a real figure in the adult submission-wrestling world. Her chemistry with each of her scene partners is palpable and genuine. Relish in the sweet, sweet pain of scratching, hair pulling, bondage, slapping, anal, choking and biting, with some unexpected FTM action thrown in! The sex is sweaty, thorough and fierce — the kind with uncontrolled guttural noises and distorted faces — and the actors really seem to be having fun. With authentic, quivering orgasms and quite a bit of rough play, the queer-made Champion brings the fight into the bedroom… and a van. — ANGELIQUE SMITH

This film contains sexually explicit material

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