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Germany, 2009, 89 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Taiwan
West Coast Premiere
Genre/Subjects: Asian / Pacific Islander, Drama, Lesbian
Program: World Cinema
Language: German, English & Mandarin

DIRECTOR: Monika Treut

In the Taiwanese tradition, women have the unique power to return to the living as ghosts and punish us for our transgressions. While this sounds like the making of a horror film, German indie maven Monika Treut (The Virgin Machine Frameline9, Gendernauts Frameline23) instead presents the situation in more delicate terms; treating the weight of mortality with the same intensity as the weight of romantic betrayal. This German/ Taiwanese co-production features Treut’s recent interest in Taiwanese culture, and her now-trademark exploration of gender and cultural identities.

Hoping to seek out her biological father, the statuesque and genteel Ai-Ling convinces her mother to let her visit her uncle in Germany, where she falls for video-artist Sophie, a self-possessed professional. But, overcome by the artistic energy inspired by Ai-Ling, Sophie grows increasingly absorbed by her work and neglectful of her lover.

Five months later, Ai-Ling has suddenly and mysteriously died, and Sophie’s video projects have reached Tai-Pei, where a pushy but beautiful journalist, Mei-li, convinces Sophie to tell her story.Infiltrating Sophie’s life, the journalist discovers the lesbian drama, and Sophie slowly falls for this replacement for her lost muse.

As much a romance of cultures as an affair between women and memories, Ghosted is a sensual mindgame that asks questions in the sultriest way possible. Jetting between Taiwan and Germany, this movie may actually make you feel the changing atmospheres. — SARA SCHIERON

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