Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction

UK, 2007, 99 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Bisexual, Coming Out, Drama, Gay, Homophobia
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Adrian Shergold

The gritty, hypersexual Clapham Junction paints an intricate picture of the public’s dichotomous view of homosexuality in the UK. Told through the interweaving stories of a group of gay men in South London, it calls into question whether society’s acceptance is boring or whether it is overdue.

Long-term couple, Will and Gavin, are joyously celebrating their nuptials, but not before the hot, young waiter at the wedding tops off more than Will’s champagne. Robin, a writer, struggles to find interest in his work, as he is told that the “gay thing” isn’t really an issue anymore now that Sir Ian McKellen has made it more acceptable. Terry is a self-hating, lying sociopath who finally gets what he deserves, but still manages to not learn his lesson. And Theo is a persistent teen who seduces his much older neighbor, while his naïve mother waxes on about the dangers of gay predators.

A gripping, sexy drama, Clapham Junction stimulates your mind without leaving out a good amount of gratuitous cock shots. Easily shifting between an ensemble cast of characters in different classes and stages of life, the film manages to tie together countless relevant issues: fidelity, living in fear, living in the closet, bathroom innuendos (à la Larry Craig), promiscuity, pedophilia, voyeurism, AIDS, casual drug use and gay bashing. — ANGELIQUE SMITH

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